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Active, ambitious, creative, forever.

In this special period of human development – childhood and adolescence – the importance of selecting the right holiday our children spend outside their family environment cannot be overestimated. This is why we developed a breakthrough solution on the Polish market – the CAMP formula.


CHRIS CAMPS offer more than just a holiday

– it’s an experience every child deserves.

We are deeply convinced that Camp experiences will help our participants to become strong, sensible and optimistic people.


CAMP is a place developed only with children and young people in mind. 

This is an incarnation of the idea that everything, in every inch, is to meet the needs of the young people, ensure their versatile development and safety. This is a space for creative ventures and play.


CAMP is a true summer town.

All the resorts where our Camps are organized remain at our exclusive disposal which means that only participants, staff and technical services are present on their premises. The area is fenced and monitored, while the educational, sport and recreational facilities fully support the implementation of various programmes.


CAMP means a unique community. 

This is a powerful lesson of creating and finding one’s place in a larger community, making friends, sharing common passions and collaborating in a team. We promote the idea of team work and mutual respect.


CAMP is a place where who you truly are matters. 

Camp makes children aware that the true beauty lies in who they are and how they act regardless of their sex, skin colour, social background or religion.


CAMP means broadening your horizons. 

We offer abundant and versatile programmes, personal realisation through play, creativity and implementation of one’s own ideas. Access to all specialist facilities ensures that all Camp participants have an option to participate in an exceptionally broad range of sport and artistic activities. We are not surprised to see a tennis player on a sailing boat, a painter on a playground or a dancer on a climbing wall.


CAMP means respect for work and effort.

The Camp environment not only develops responsibility, resourcefulness and cooperation skills, but also teaches one to experience satisfaction that comes from effort, overcoming one’s weaknesses, discovering values and advantages. The most persistent participants are awarded Camp Badges, while the winners of tournaments and competitions receive medals and cups.


CAMP means a healthy lifestyle and contact with nature. 

While being away from television, the Internet, computer games, we learn to enjoy and appreciate what nature has to offer. Our Camps are located on ecologically pure areas characterised by high natural values. They are a perfect place to acquire healthy habits and get used to outdoor physical activity.