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WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – under the auspices of the Warsaw University of Technology, in collaboration with the PW Junior section, we have been executing a dynamically developing Constructor project. The project assumption is to familiarise the young generation with the University of Technology and its main goal is to develop keep competencies by creating conditions for searching and extending one's KNOWLEDGE, developing creating and analytical thinking, TEAM work, establishing relationships and developing COMMUNICATION, enabling children to present their own work and stimulating self-organisation and RESULT-oriented approach.

University of Agriculture  – together with the Forestry Scientific Club we organize free workshops for children offering the participants to get to know the world of nature via experiments. We discover the secrets of plants and animals we encounter every day but often know very little of. Students leading the workshops are extremely involved and highly enthusiastic when it comes to sharing their knowledge. The workshops take place on the area of one of the best equipped universities in Poland.

The Mokotów Foundation for the Development of Children and the Youth – sponsoring of the annual "Multiplication Table" event.