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Further investment in Kruklanki. Green Camp Junior is not only a geographical location, but also a range of eco-friendly activities completed at this stage of the installation of heat pumps and the photovoltaic equipment.

We have enriched our offer with summer, winter and green-school programs. A wide range of activites and the unique program of the Guild of Games were received with great interest and satisfaction of the participants of the camp's first season.

On April 11, our company successfully passed the recertification process to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

We released a new board game CAMPS TROPHY. The game is based on actual camps reality and each one has its own unique mechanics.



We decided to buy a new resort – Camp Drawa. Located in the very heart of Drawski Landscape Park, the facility became the ninth Camp in our offer.

We are continuing a number of large investments in Camp Junior we purchased the year before, scheduled to end in 2017-2018. We also launched new camp programmes at Camp Junior: sailing, fishing and football as well as fencing and sailing.
Following many years of planning and preparation, we launched a unique expedition camp at Camp Serwy.
Those who admire sailing and would like to go beyond the inland skipper’s license may now benefit from our newly introduced Yacht Skipper training.

Krzysztof Alchimowicz won the ETU European Championship in long-distance triathlon in his age category.

Following seven years of Camp Junior operation we decide to purchase the Kruklanki resort. 2015 is the first year with Camp Junior being our property – both at Residential School Trips and during summer holiday!

Our cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology, resulting in further existence of the Constructor Project managed together with PW Junior and a Field Game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Warsaw University of Technology, is continuing.

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of CHRIS.



We launched the eighth Camp in our offer – Camp Osada. The facility is located 8 km to the north-west from Szczytno, next to Sasek Wielki Lake.

We launched 2 pilot projects at Camp Osada – the youngest participants from Primary School grades 1-3 are accommodated together with the staff. We also limited mobile phone access. Camp participants may use the phones twice a week (Wednesday, Saturday) during the dinner break.

The launch of the Tarda Camp, with a broad selection of activities (including the horse-riding classes, awaited for a long time in the offer). Tarda – a Camp where everyone will find their own place.

We were awarded a prestigious Teraz Polska mark for the service: “Organisation of holiday for children and young people with the Camp formula”. We have established collaboration with the Warsaw University of Technology; a two-stage Construction Project executed together with PW Junior.

Krzysztof Alchimowicz completed the IRON MAN distance triathlon, European Championship, Frankfurt



New ideas – new Viking Camp. It is based on a new formula combining our most popular programmes and a wonderful location in Mazury – the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

The launch of the “Gold Fish” programme for our clients.

We started the implementation of senior and family programmes in the Radków resort – Kuźnia Radków.

To meet growing demands and expectations of campers and their parents, we signed a long-term lease agreement for the Tarda facility – a new camp venue to be launched in 2013.

We’ve been implementing yet another EU project which will allow for extension and modernisation of the Radków Camp. A completely new building will offer accommodation and didactic facilities, nearly 200 meters large dancing hall, modern film and multimedia laboratories. The Camp area has been extended by recreational and sport facilities with pitches with artificial and natural surface and a roofed climbing wall.

The programme offer was extended by a unique sea cruise “Sailing in the Fjords”.



A new camp for kids aged 7-12 – Discoverer’s Camp was developed. It is a unique proposal combining a scientific programme with artistic and sort activities.

A windsurfing facility for the youth opened in Hel.

A new camp for kids aged 6 to 12 – Junior Camp – opened in Kruklanki. The pre-school 6-years-olds are welcome to join the camp community.

The implementation of an EU project allowed us to extend the Serwy Camp by constructing: a new multi-function sports ground with artificial surface, a new pavilion for the tennis camp and to cover all tennis courts with a new, artificial layer.






As one of the first companies in our sector in Poland, we have implemented a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

The sole motivation for our efforts is to provide our clients with even higher level of service and ensure that the level of satisfaction from our product – active recreation of children  and young people – was even higher.

For young “sea dogs” we have developed an offer of an apprenticeship-training Baltic course.

Two new football pitches with professional, FIFA-certified surface are being constructed at the Serwy Camp.

A new training project – Young Staff Project launched.

A new winter programme for junior high school students is underway – skiing-snowboarding camp in Muszyna.



The company bought new facility in Stołowe mountains and decided to open a new camp.

We have made a decision to purchase another resort in Stołowe mountains, to be transformed into Radków Camp. It substituted the Górski Camp in use so far.

We also signed a seaside resort lease agreement to organise a Sea Camp dedicated to younger children from attending primary school and offering a very diversified programme.

Furthermore, the offer was extended by bike trips abroad.



In response to growing demand, the Górski Camp organised in a leased resort in Przesieka was added to our offer. It is an open camp based on the idea of team cooperation and developing the ability to derive satisfaction from team work.

We launch sailing trips in Mazurian Lakes.

In winter, apart from skiing-snowboarding camps in Poland, we offered skiing-snowboarding camps in the Dolomites in Italy.

The scope of services was extended by residential school trips in the Serwy Camp (later also Radków Camp)



The turning point and one of the most important dates for our company was 200,1 when we made a decision to buy the Serwy resort and transform it into a venue adopted to the organisation of specialist camps for children and young people aged from 7 to 18. The idea of transforming the resort into a Camp was successfully executed already in the first year of operation. The entire resort infrastructure was subordinated to the issue of safety and development, as well as camp participants’ needs.

The resort in Serwy near Augustów at Serwy Lake became a permanent summer camps base.


The Chris Company was established in 1995 as a small family-owned enterprise. It was founded by Krzysztof Alchimowicz, a teacher of English and a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. His vocation has been the work for children and young people.

From the very beginning, company’s operations focused on active recreation for children and young people.

Initially we organised swimming classes at Warsaw swimming pools and summer day camps for children from the American School.

Eventually, in response to the demand of our clients, the company started to organise comprehensive active leisure programmes for children and young people, held outside Warsaw during the summer and winter holiday. At the beginning all camps, both in the summer and winter, were held in holiday resorts rented by the company.