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The company is owned by Magdalena and Krzysztof Alchimowicz. Magdalena is a physician and a graduate of the Executive MBA programme at the Kozminski University. She loves yoga and mountains trips. Krzysztof – a teacher by education and vocation. He graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and worked as a teacher of English in the 26th charter elementary school in Warsaw. His hobby is sport – he has completed more than a dozen of marathons and triathlons, including the IRON MAN European Championship in Frankfurt.

“Since 1995 we have been organising active summer holidays for children and young people, while since 2002 we have offered residential school trips and other training and educational trips (including French and British Schools). Over a period of a year, several thousands of children and young people participate in programmes developed by us. Our camp participants come to us from all over Poland, but also from other countries: Canada, the US, Sweden, France and Germany.

All the organisational elements of our camps – safety, attractive training form, responsible staff, are only the necessary background. The most important element are our participants.

It is their energy, emotions and motivation that build the atmosphere of the camps and their progress and impressions are the best showcase for our work.


We are deeply convinced that Camp experiences and new friendships will help our participants in becoming strong, sensible and optimistic people.

Customer Service Centre

Martyna Żwan
Deputy of the Customer Service Office

Graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw.
Loves dance, sport and music.



Monika Zalewska
Customer Service Centre Specialist

Graduate of Management at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

Loves the Polish Tatra Mountains in the autumn. Experiments in the kitchen. Fascinated in zumba and Danceholl.


Maciej Kapa
Customer Service Centre Specialist

A student of Logistics at the Skarbek University.

A fan of NBA and other team sports. Spends his free time on escapade planning and kitchen experiments.  Enjoys books or good movies for a relax.


Szymon Racławski
Customer Service Centre Employee

From an early age passionate about football and swimming.
Privately father of wonderfull twins, with whom he likes to spend time actively. Plays all kinds of board games, loves family rollerblade expeditions.


Justyna Bieruńska

Customer Service Centre Employee

Graduate of the Academy of Tourism and Recreation and postgraduate Studies on Human Resources and Payroll. A lover of winter Baltic cruises. Cooperating with the Chris company since 2012, initially as a sailing instructor and educator at Camp Serwy, then the manager of sailing trips of the younger age group.



Residential School Trips

              Programme section

Marcin Lasota (Marcinos)
Residential School Trips Department Manager

Graduate of Environmental Protection at Bialystok University of Technology. A musician. Loves travel and world cuisine. Active badminton player, inland skipper, lover of climbing and bike tourism. 

Works for Chris since 2003.




Paweł Błażowski (Pablo)
Programme manager and Ski Training Manager

Graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Cracow. A ski coach. Lover of mountain cycling and mountains in general. Works for Chris since 1998. 

Acts as Ski Training Director in the Dolomites during the winter.




 Sylwia Cygan
HR Management Specialist

Graduate of Social Psychology and postgraduate Human Resources Management at SWPS University. An animal lover, also a zoopsychologist by profession. She is passionate with children's literature. In her spare time, she travels and practices yoga.



Anna Zaremba-Gonczar 
HR Management Specialist
acting  HR Section Manager

Graduate of English Studies at the Warsaw University and Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. 

Cooperated with CHRIS in 2002- 2006. Joined the HR Department in 2012. Interested in motivation issues in education, sport, upbringing and work. Loves Alps and Tatra Mountains, the Mediterranean and our windy Hel.



Adam Wilk
Educational and Sports Programs Coordinator

Graduate of Silesian University of Technology

Since childhood fan of watersports. Enthusiast of mountain hikes, canoeing and recently snowboarding.

Cooperated with CHRIS since 2010. Windsurfing and sailing coach. Manager  of Green Schools at Camp Junior.




Katarzyna Kropop
HR Management Specialist

Graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Warsaw and psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanites.

Works for Chris since 2010. Interested in motivation issues in rysky sports. Lover of mountain trekking and skiing.



Paweł Kucharski
Markenting Director

Graduate of the University of Lodz. A yacht skipper. A lover of mountain cycling and photography. As a graphic designer is responsible for the Company’s visual identity – from the website, through catalogues to any and all other graphic designs. 

Works for Chris since 2002.




Romualda Lubryczyńska
Finance Director

Graduate of the Vistula University in Warsaw. Loves Tatra Mountains and mountains trips. 



Aneta Posiewka
Indepedent Accountant

Graduate of the Vistula University in Warsaw. A lover of bike tourism. Likes to rest at the seaside. 


Anna Jagiełło
Finance Accounting Department Employee

Graduate of Environmental Protection Technical College and the Mazovian University of Humanities and Pedagogy. Loves theatre, good movies and weekend bike trips.


Anna Woźniak
Finance Accounting Department Employee

Absolwentka Wyższej Szkoły Działalności Gospodarczej w Warszawie na kierunku ekonomia. Miłośniczka zwierząt i ruchu na świeżym powietrzu. Preferuje spacery po plaży latem i narty zjazdowe zimą.




Facility managers

Artur Kopcza
OSW Serwy Facility Manager
Barbara Kopcza
OSW Serwy Facility Deputy Manager

Barbara - a veterinary technician by profession; lover of animals, sailing, canoeing and the tranquillity to be found in the Agustów forest.

Artur - graduate of the Pedagogy College in Warsaw. Inland skipper, lover of windsurfing and skiing. Spends free time playing in a rock band (bass).


Piotr Hoffmann
OW Kruklanki Facility Manager

Graduate of the Cracow School of Economics. Water rescuer, sea helmsman - permanently addicted to sailing. In love with long hikes on the Bieszczady wilderness. Since 2015 the Camp Junior Manager.

Jarosław Gonczarenko
OW Radków Facility Manager

Graduate of Physical Education Academy in Krakow. Physical education teacher, swimming coach, instructor of football and athletics and lifeguard. Cooperating with CHRIS Company since 2002. He worked with junior groups at Camp Serwy and as Junior Camp Manager.






Anna Niepokulczycka
OW Osada Facility Manager

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Yacht skipper, skiing instructor, tour leader. Former handball player of KS SKRA. Works for Chris since 2009 – initially as an instructor on Residential School Trips, in the summer as sailing instructor on Camp Serwy, and as skiing instructor in the winter. 

Currently Camp Osada Facility Manager and Camp Radków Facility Manager (in the winter).

Łukasz Klus
OW Tarda Facility Manager
Maria Klus
OW Tarda Facility Deputy Manager

Marysia - graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska. An instructor of skiing, nordic walking, fitness, swimming, aqua aerobic; a lifeguard.

Łukasz - graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska. An instructor of volleyball, windsurfing and skiing. There’s no such thing as impossible for him – he’s a typical handyman.


Paweł Kozicki
OW Drawa Facility Manager

Keen on hiking in the mountains in which he grew up. A rescuer at the Maltese Medical Service. Volunteer firefighter for 9 years. He is currently at law studies at the University of Rzeszów. With CHRIS Company since 2013. During the summer season he works as a survival instructor and educator at Camp Osada. In 2016 he was the deputy of Manager at Camp Osada.