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Unia Europejska
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In 2001, as the first company in Poland, we organised holiday for children and young people in an innovative CAMP formula  at the Serwy facility – it was a novelty on the Polish market.

CAMP is a place developed only with children and young people in mind.

CAMP means the realisation of the idea that everything, in every inch, is to meet the needs of the young people, ensure their versatile development and safety. This is a space for creative ventures and play.

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Our offer

Our offer includes programmes organised BY US EXCLUSIVELY.

Every year we carry out more than 150 various programmes for which we take full responsibility as the organiser.

Our summer, winter camps and residential school trips (our own original programmes) have been developed on the basis of many years of experience and knowledge concerning the needs, abilities and stages of child’s development.

Sport and educational equipment

We are proud of our high class EDUCATIONAL AND SORT EQUIPMENT.

Our continued investment in sports equipment guarantees high quality of sport activities and availability of equipment for every participant.

All Camps have well-equipped educational and workshop rooms, sports grounds for sport and educational purposes, prepared wharfs and platforms with equipment for water activities hardly encountered anywhere else.


Browse our daily PHOTO REPORTS from Camps. During the camps we post daily photo reports from our Camp activities on our website This gives the Parents a chance to follow the adventures and experiences of their children on an ongoing basis.

A separate person – a paparazzo – is sent to all our Camps for the sole purpose of preparing photo reports. The number of photos uploaded daily to our website in summer ranges from 1,600 to 2,500.