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The Past

The Past

Thank you for completing POLLS after the season WINTER 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for completing POLLS after the season WINTER'14.

About 40 % parents participated in our polls. Results are really impressive. It shows your strong commitment and willingness to share with us your comments...

See you at the National Stadium on Sunday!

 We join games festival, just like last September - an event taking place in the framework of the National Spring:

Anyone of you is invited to play with us, talk about our summer 2014 offer and...

May-day picnics at CHRIS Camps

Enjoy family picnics at CHRIS Camps!

The only time in the year is coming soon. Parents and children can experience a Camp life, spending their time together, take advantage of active recreation for families and seniors, and relax in places...

Thank you for the winter break!

We are happy that you spent your winter break with us – again! We would like to thank the kids and youths for participation and involvement, the staff – for their cooperation, and the parents – for confidence. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

The CHRIS Team