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Bornholm Base


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Krzysztof Gutkowski Director: Bornholm Base

Bornholm Bike Tours are dedicated to those who want to gently start their adventure with exploring the world on two wheels. Bornholm, the most famous biking island in Europe, is the best place to start. Our Base, already operating for 4 years, invites you for the first biking adventure!

For many years Bornholm has been described as "the bike island". This is because it is perfect for bike tourism for everyone – regardless of age and form. The island features a dense network of asphalt and dirt bike roads, closed to car traffic. It is interesting that many of such roads replaced decommissioned narrow-gauge tracks. Travelling by bike constitutes one of the most interesting forms of touring. Through direct interaction with the nature, culture and inhabitants the young tourists explore almost the entire island of Bornholm.

Infrastructure and accommodation:

For several years our Bornholm Bike Base has been located at a modern camping near the town of Nexo. It features well-equipped, four-person tents, in which the participants of the bike camp live.


The Base features our clubroom and canteen in a large tent.

We prepare our meals together from products purchased in Poland and on the island. During the Camp each participant will work in the kitchen once, and will be tasked with preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen and canteen with the aid of the staff.

We try to be ecological and teach ecology to our participants: we segregate waste, collect returnable bottles and cans, process used packaging into convenience goods, we run our own herb garden, and last year we managed to completely eliminate the use of a car during grocery shopping - now we shop with a bike equipped with a trailer. While shopping we prioritize organic products, as there are plenty of them in Denmark.

The price of the Bornolm Bike Tours is comprehensive and includes:
• full programme combining bike tours, supplementary and evening activities
• entrance to visited museums, an amusement park and other tourist attractions included in the tour agenda
• gear and equipment necessary for programme activities (including bikes and maintenance thereof)
• accommodation in four-person tents and camping fees
• coach transport from Piaseczno to Sassnitz and from Sassnitz to Piaseczno as well as ferry from Sassnitz to Rønne and from Rønne to Sassnitz
• full board (three meals a day, potable water and packed lunch for the return trip)
• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors
• medical care (in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance)
• medical expenses, accident and civil liability insurance

Check our photo diaries from the Base published on our website:!

Meetings for parents will be held in Warsaw approximately one month before the start of holiday. The date of the meeting will be announced at in May.

NOTE: We recommend concluding resignation insurance with any carrier.

NOTE: During the Tours participants must hold a personal ID card valid for at least 6 months or a passport valid for at least 3 months.

Persons insured in the National Health Fund are requested to take the European Health Insurance Card. The document will substantially streamline all issues related to medical aid abroad.