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Camp Drawa

Games Guild

after 6th grade of primary school to the 1st grade of high school.

For Who?

Girls and boys who have completed the 6th grade of primary school to the 1st grade of high school. The camp is recommended to all fans of war, role-playing, card and board games. It is one of the few places where you may play true battles with the armies prepared for you.
The activities are divided into four thematic blocks: role-playing games, board games, card games and war games. Each day features three game sessions and one session of activities from the broad offer available at Camp Drawa.


Thematic activities (3 x 1.5 h /day):

RPGs – the games of imagination – are based on playing the roles of the characters we incarnate. Whether a Scorceress, a Kingth, a King or Clown – it all depends on our imagination. What will happen, where and how will be suggested by the Game Master or the game itself through the Rulebook. Usually, our fate is determined by a dice roll. We will visit uncountable fantasy worlds or create our own, featuring unique characters we will incarnate. The only limit is our imagination. During the camp we will play a saga of RPG sessions, crowned with a LARP in the nearby castle.

Board games – games room
Board games – the ancestors of all games we know today, including the royal game of chess in the first place. For generations board games have been providing a magnificent entertainment. Our camp games room features the most interesting board games related to the camp’s theme in their best editions. We also have add-ons and extensions to the majority of our games. All games are available to camp participants at any time, also outside activity blocks. During the camp the participants will learn game rules, enabling them to play even without getting to know the manual.
Our games room:
• Munchkin
• Talisman
• Star Wars
• Forbidden Stars
• Game of Thrones
• The Witcher
• Mice and Mystics
• Descent
• Eldritch Horror
• The Others
• Westeros Battles
• Westeros Intrigue
• Warhammer: Silvertower
• Warhammer: Discwars
• Warhammer: Invasion
• Warhammer 40k: Conquest
• Dixit
• A Long Time Ago... and many others!

Card Games
– Magic: The Gathering Tournament!!!
Card Games enable the players to create their own deck from all available cards and use it to duel other players. When a deck is created, it should be modified and upgraded – by exchanging cards with the others, if possible. Our Guild’s leader is the legendary, collector’s card game – Magic: The Gathering, which carries the players to a fantastic “multiworld”, where powerful mages wage magic duels using the five colours of mana. Magic is the most popular card game, with the best organised and developed tournament scene, enabling the players not only to immerse in good fun, but also to compete at the local, national and international level. During the camp the participants will learn game and deck-collection rules and will be divided into two groups: basic and advanced. Furthermore, everyone will also receive a set of cards necessary to create standard decks. The sets will enable us to play prized tournaments during the term. Will you face up to the challenge of Magic: The Gathering and become the master? Return home with your own deck and – with a bit of luck and abilities you will learn at the camp – also with prizes!
War games
– Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Fantasy Battle, 40K, Infinity
War games transform the players into battlefield commanders. Specially prepared models mirroring the land and painted models corresponding to troops will immerse you into battle! Several armies ready to fight will wait for camp participants at the site. The players duel in a chess-like manner. Everyone moves his/her troops forwards on the model to attack and outmanoeuvre the enemy. The difference is that there is no chess board – we have a grand canyon with a river flowing at the bottom, and the King is replaced with an Elvish Archmage riding a Legendary Dragon. Everything is subject to general rules and rules applicable to particular armies and units – and enables us to fight an epic battle! In the Warhammer Fantasy world we fight with the powerful High Elves and Chaos Warriors as well as the less powerful yet numerous armies of Wood Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Unread, Rat People, Orcs and Goblins. Warhammer 40K features substantial Space Marines and Tyranide forces. The skirmish Infinity form features bands of most available factions. During the camp the participants will have an opportunity to learn the rules of any war game and personally make and paint the model they will play with.

Imagination games enable us to play fantastic characters and become them for the duration of the camp. However, what is a Knight without a sword? What is a Hunter without a bow? What is a Sorceress without her magic robes? Cosplay enables the participants to create clothes, accessories and weapons for the hero of their choice. We not only use professional, thermoplastic materials, but also the entire range of tailor’s equipment to create the Cosplay disguises you dream of.

The crowning and the big adventure you prepare for during the entire term: LARP in a fantasy setting. For the first time in the history of the winter Games Guild camp it will be held in a nearby castle. The castle, a true and authentic fortress built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th century, is a perfect setting for an imagination game where all participants disguise in hand-made dress to create an unforgettable tale during live duels and quests. Knight tournaments, castle siege, court intrigues, fireplace feasts – these and many other attractions await the adventurers during a day-long event at the fortress.
General camp activities – it’s a common play time for kids from all camps in a specific age group. These include: field games, bonfires, a karaoke contest and a disco, a swimming marathon as well as RPG, traditional and world games.

Badges to be acquired: Swimming, Rowing, Archery and DYI.


The price includes:

Main building – rooms and studios sleeping 7 with en suite bathrooms equipped with single and bunk beds or cabins sleeping 6 with en suite bathrooms, equipped with bunk beds.

3 meals per day in the form of a buffet, afternoon snack, “open snack cabinet”, unlimited water or tea.
The Camp features a canteen offering a buffet breakfast, dinner and supper, providing a full variety of different and healthy dishes. We offer separate meals for vegetarian children (upon request) and children on dairy-free diet (according to the doctor’s recommendations). After an intensive day children may enjoy an additional meal from our “open snack cabinet” – our way to tackle the evening appetite. During the day, unlimited hot tea or water is available in several designated spots on the Camp area.

The price of each camp within Camp Drawa is comprehensive and includes:
• Full programme including all thematic, supplementary and evening activities
• Gear and equipment necessary for programme activities,
• Accommodation in a holiday and training centre in rooms with bathrooms or cabins with bathrooms
• Coach transport from Nadarzyn to stare Drawsko and from Stare Drawsko to Nadarzyn
• Full board (three buffet meals per day, „open snack cabinet”, unlimited tea available all the time, provisions for the return trip)
• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors
• Medical care
• Accident insurance amounting to PLN 10,000
NOTE: We recommend concluding resignation insurance with any carrier.