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Camp Drawa

Drawa Expedition

after 6th grade of primary school to the 3rd grade of junior high

For Who?

Boys and girls who have completed the 6th grade of primary school to the 3rd grade of junior high.
Participants not feared by the challenges put by the nature are welcome. Communing with the nature – at its rules – is key. The participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their innate abilities, resourcefulness and to learn teamwork. Rain, wind, tiredness, bad and good weather along the entire route will motivate to perseverance in the strive towards the target.


How to prepare a canoeing trip for several days? What to take with, and what to leave behind? How to prepare for the unpredictable? Answers to these – and many other – questions will be found by participants of the Expedition Camp when communing with the nature.

The river we will follow, the weather and ourselves will create challenges we will try to successfully face while gaining new experience and abilities. The camp combines vast knowledge about broadly construed nature, topography, survival and sightseeing.

Thematic activities – the purpose of the activities is to prepare and carry out a multi-day canoeing trip along the Drawa River. Together with the Instructor, the participants will plan the logistics of the expedition It will be necessary to master basic camping skills, such as baggage preparation, selection of necessary equipment, camping site preparation, putting on tents, learning how to start a fire and cook a meal, as well as land navigation skills.
An important part of our expedition is to learn the places we will pass and camp on the way. Work in small groups, tutored by instructors, will enable the participants to learn locations unique in terms of nature and culture. During the canoeing trip and camps we will learn unique inhabitants of river valleys, including rare bird, mammal, amphibian and plant species. Furthermore, the participants will learn how to deal with emergency situations during similar expeditions, where the success is determined only by our knowledge and skills.

Supplementary activities – during our presence at the camp we will have access to a rope park, an archery course and to recreational games.

General camp activities
– it’s a common play time for kids from all camps in a specific age group. Camp participants will take part in the activities that do not conflict with the preparations for the expedition while present within the camp premises.

Badges to be acquired: Expedition Camp, Rowing and Archery.


The price includes:

Tents sleeping 4 (with 2 chambers each) – participants need to take their own sleeping bags, foam mattresses and camping cutlery set.

Board: 3 meals per day in the form of a buffet, afternoon snack, “open snack cabinet”, unlimited water or tea when within the camp premises. During the expedition meals will be prepared together with instructors from products purchased by CHRIS.