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Camp Drawa

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Camp Drawa
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Paweł Kozicki Director: Camp Drawa

DRAWA to najmłodszy camp w ofercie CHRIS. Jego fundament to sprawdzona idea stworzenia miejsca bezpiecznego, wypełnionego pozytywną energią, zabawą i wszechstronną wakacyjną edukacją. Szkielet campu stanowią zróżnicowane zajęcia sportowe, artystyczne i przyrodnicze okraszone niespotykanymi gdzie indziej programami Biegowym, Team Buildingowym oraz Gildią Gier.
A charakter i duch tego miejsca..? O to zadbamy wspólnie.
Zapraszam do tworzenia nowej Społeczności Campowej Campu Drawa!

Camp badges:

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The region
Camp Drawa is located in the Drawskie Lakeland, in the very heart of the Drawski Landscape Park. This is one of the most picturesque regions of Poland. Ecologically pure and visited by few tourists, the region’s trademark is crystal-clean water in rivers and lakes. The resort is surrounded by forest on three sides, and to the south is adjacent to the Żerdno Lake, being a silence zone.

Accommodation and infrastructure
Camp Drawa is the youngest CHRIS camp. The facility is owned by our company since 2017 and is dedicated to our young guests exclusively. During a camp the participants live in rooms and studios sleeping 6-7 with bathrooms, equipped with single and bunk beds or cabins sleeping 6 with en suite bathrooms equipped with bunk beds. Participants of the Expedition Camp will be accommodated in tents. The facility features well equipped laboratories, common rooms and sport facilities dedicated to our programme, including a DYI workshop, a cooking workshop, a gym, table tennis and billiards rooms. The facility is fenced, guarded and used exclusively by our guests, providing them with the sense of both comfort and security.

Sport and educational facilities:
• A sailing port (Topaz and 420 type sailing boats)
• A windsurfing port
• A canoe levee (sport, sit-on-top and tourist canoes)
• A rowing levee (rowing and dragon boats)
• A guarded bathing beach
• A fishing jetty
• A multifunction pitch (football, floorball)
• A volleyball and basketball pitch
• A beach volleyball pitch
• An archery range
• A rope park
• Bicycles
• A cinema room
• A billiards room
• A dancing room
• A PE and fitness room
• A Games Guild studio
• A cooking workshop
• A DYI workshop
• A drying room

The Camp features a canteen offering a buffet breakfast, dinner and supper, providing a full variety of different and healthy dishes. We offer separate meals for vegetarian children (upon request) and children on dairy-free diet (according to the doctor’s recommendations). After an intensive day children may enjoy an additional meal from our “open snack cabinet” – our way to tackle the evening appetite. During the day, unlimited hot tea or water is available in several designated spots on the Camp area.

In the summer we offer two thematic programmes: Games Guild and Expedition Camp as well as three versatile programmes: Rogues (after the 4th and 5th grade of primary schools), Paladins (after the 6th and 7th grade of primary school) and Mages (after the 2nd grade of junior high until the end of the 1st grade of high school). After the first 3-4 days of scheduled activities participants of each group may individually select activities from packages available on a given day, including water sports, leisure, arts and crafts, natural science and team-building activities.The Games Guild camp will be themed by role-playing, board, card and war games. Participants will try their skills in make-up as well as creation of costumes and weapons useful in LARPs. Everyone willing to do will attempt to build and paint figures used in war games. The diversity and abundance of the games and game systems will enable every participant to find his/her favourites and learn new ones. Thematic and supplementary activities on this camp are in accordance with the Camp schedule. The last two days will be dominated by final shows and games, when each participant will have an opportunity to demonstrate what he/she has learned during two weeks of activities.The Expedition Camp is the preparation and performance of a canoeing expedition on one of the most beautiful Polish rivers – Drawa. The two-week tent adventure is inseparably related to nature, survival, teamwork, responsibility and self-reliance.  Detailed programme information is presented on particular camps’ websites.

General camp activities
General camp activities are usually organised in the evenings for the Camp participants, depending on their age. These include field games, RPG and traditional games, team games, bonfires, karaoke contests, discos. Each of these events follows a pre-developed scenario and creates unique atmosphere. Furthermore, several times per term participants may choose the evening activity on their own. At the end of the term tournaments and sport competitions are organised. These include the Swimming Marathon, Sailing Regatta and Rowing Races. We have also prepared a number of all-day bike, canoe and hiking trips for the 2018 summer season. Some of these trips will be combined with camping in tents.

Badge-awarding activities
Organised for interested camp participants. Those who have proven their persistence, have made progress and passed the final test, receive brown, silver or gold badges confirming their skills. The badge programme serves as an additional motivator for camp participants to actively develop the scope of their knowledge and skills.

Check our photo diaries from the Camp published on our website ( on a current basis! The photo-diary is a daily documentary of the camp life; it may happen it does not include all the participants on a given day. Movies featuring the camp manager, describing the organisation and programme of the camp in detail, are available at

Adjustment of time
Due to rapidly falling dusk we change the time from term 3 – the watches will be set one hour ahead.

Transport / Joining on the way
The coaches kids travel on are ordered from proven carriers. All coaches are equipped with seatbelts and air conditioning. The departure point is Nadarzyn. It is possible to join the coach in the vicinity of Poznań or Bydgoszcz.

The participants are insured against accidents in SIGNAL IDUNA Polska TU S.A. for the duration of the camp. We recommend concluding tour resignation insurance with any carrier. The insurance may be concluded within 5 days of payment of the advance.

The price of each camp within Camp Drawa is comprehensive and includes:
• Full programme including all thematic, supplementary and evening activities
• Gear and equipment necessary for programme activities,
• Accommodation in a holiday and training centre in rooms with bathrooms or cabins with bathrooms
• Coach transport from Nadarzyn to stare Drawsko and from Stare Drawsko to Nadarzyn
• Full board (three buffet meals per day, „open snack cabinet”, unlimited tea available all the time, provisions for the return trip)
• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors
• Medical care
• Accident insurance amoounting to PLN 10,000
The use of mobile phones and electronic devices by kids on the area of the Camp is limited.
The children will be allowed to use their phones on Wednesdays and Saturdays, dinner time. Outside the designated time the phones will be deposited in the Camp’s safe. It is forbidden to use any electronic equipment, such as tablets, iPods, readers, PSP, cameras, Internet watches. We suggest to leave such equipment home (devices brought to the camp will be deposited in a safe and returned to participants on the last day of the camp).