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Fishing and Football Camp


For Who?

Girls and boys who have completed the 4th – 6th grade of primary school. We welcome everyone who likes action and effort accompanying football games and can combine it with the tranquility, peace and precision of fishing.


At a first glance combining football with fishing is like putting water on fire. You couldn’t be more wrong! Precision, focus, patience and readiness when necessary are abilities crucial for both disciplines. We invite to a camp whose everyday programme combines the football training and fishing.

 The main objective of the football training will be to improve player’s individual technique and the basics of team play. Training intensity will be adjusted to the age of participants. That will have an opportunity to rest and calm down fishing.


Thematic activities:

• Football (2 x 1.5 h every day)

The training takes place on an artificial or grass pitch. It is dedicated to the game technique, attack and defence strategies. Apart from purely technical elements, such a dribbling, ball taking or passing, short matches will be organised.

• Fishing (1 x 1.5 h every day)

The basics of equipment selection, bait placement and tutorial on what to do when a fish “catches the bait”. The Participants will fish and learn to recognize basic species of fish found in lakes. During the term we will also find some time for some early dawn fishing.

Supplementary activities (1 x 1.5 h every day):

Sit-on-top and tourist canoes, rowing, canoeing, DZ sailing, swimming, archery, recreational games, arts&crafts.

General camp activities:

It’s a common play time for kids from all camps in a specific age group. These are: Olympic Games, Junior Run, Junior Records, swimming marathon, hodgepodge activity selection, team field games, night games, bonfires, karaoke contests and discos, RPG and traditional games.

 Badges to be acquired:

Football, Swimming, Sailing, Rowing, Archery, Natural History, Fishing, DYI and Crafts.


The price includes:

Accommodation: Rooms sleeping 2, 5 or 6 people or cabins sleeping 5-6 with en suite bathrooms, equipped with single and bunk beds.


3 meals per day in the form of a buffet, afternoon snack, “open snack cabinet”, unlimited water or tea.

 The Camp features a canteen offering a buffet breakfast, dinner and supper, providing a full variety of different and healthy dishes. We offer separate meals for vegetarian children (upon request) and children on dairy-free diet (according to the doctor’s recommendations). After an intensive day children may enjoy an additional meal from our “open snack cabinet” – our way to tackle the evening appetite. During the day, unlimited hot tea or water is available in several designated spots on the Camp area.

The price of each camp within Camp Junior is comprehensive and includes:

• Full programme including all thematic, supplementary and badge-awarding activities as well as general camp events

• Gear and equipment necessary for programme activities

• Accommodation in a holiday and training centre in rooms in a building or cabins (depending on the age group) – all rooms and cabins with full sanitary facilities

• Coach transport from Nadarzyn to Kruklanki and from Kruklanki to Nadarzyn

• Full board (three buffet meals per day, afternoon snack, „open snack cabinet”, unlimited tea or water available all the time, provisions for the return trip),

• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors

• Medical care

• Accident insurance amounting to PLN 10,000


NOTE: We recommend concluding resignation insurance with any carrier.