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Camp Osada


Mapa Camp Osada
Mateusz Danielski Director: Camp Osada

This is our youngest Camp. The four activity blocks include Water Sports, Games and Activities, Creativity and Survival. 

Here canoeing may turn into a two-day canoeing expedition; a simple forest trip into a night-long animal watching accompanied by shelter building; and dancing classes may turn into a show with a storyline and songs. Imagination, group work and good fun. Create YOUR HOLIDAYS together with the staff and your friends!

Camp badges:

Learn more about badges!

In Warmia and Mazury, near Szczytno, there is a village known as Kobyłocha. It is a charming little village. Just next to it, in a forest, right on the shore of a picturesque Sasek Wielki lake lies the youngest of our Camps – Camp Osada. On one side the site is surrounded by a mixed forest full of fowl and game, whereas on the other it is open to a vast lake being a silence zone. During the autumn and winter the Camp is visited by deer on a daily basis. Wild boars live just behind the fence. Cranes, often visiting our lake, have their staging area in the nearby village of Dymer. The Camp may be reached only through a forest road.

Camp Osada is a large area, only 1/3 of which is developed for the camps’ purposes: it includes: the main building with rooms and a canteen, a clubroom with a fireplace and a kitchenette; new cabins with bathrooms; a shed; activity tents; a port; a fishing jetty; a DYI workshop; as well as sport pitches. The remaining 2/3 of the area is a forest, which will be the site of our survival activities. We want Camp Osada to be the most cosy from among all our Camps and maintain the unique character of the place.

The youngest participants (Elves, 1st to 3rd grade of primary school) will be accommodated in 7-person cabins together with the staff. Tutors live together with the children to increase their sense of security and ensure that each participant feels good during his/her stay on the Sasek Wielki Lake.

During three buffet meals we serve a full variety of diverse, colourful, healthy dishes, with some of the herbs taken from the Camp’s garden. The Camp’s kitchen also serves meals required by individual diet, pre-arranged with the parents.

Apart from the basic meals we serve an afternoon snack (trying to provide fruits); furthermore, there is our “open food cabinet” available in the evening – for those, who need to fill up their calories after an intensive day. During the day unlimited hot tea or water, depending on weather, is available in a designated spot on the Camp area.

Camp offer at Camp Osada:
Elves – children, who have completed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of primary school
Dragons – children, who have completed the 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school

Thematic activities:
For the first 2 days all Campers participate in activities in accordance with a pre-arranged schedule, learning the Camp’s programme offer. After that kids from a particular camp select activities they find the most interesting.

Thematic activities comprise four blocks:
•  Sailing
• Canoeing
• Fishing
• Swimming
• Water games and activities (water trampoline, water zorbing)

• Handicraft
• Cooking
• Upcycling

• World Games
• Street games
• Team games
• Field games
• Archery– A NOVELTY!

• Bonfire and related activities
• DIY, construction of shelters and nature observation platforms
• Camping
• Nature classes

General camp activities – are usually organised in the evenings for the participants, depending on their age. These include field, role-playing and traditional games, all-night forest camping and canoeing trip (for volunteers), as well as team games, bonfires and discos, swimming and archery contests, sailing and canoe regatta as well as a swimming marathon.

Badge-awarding activities – organised for interested participants. Those who have proven their persistence, have made progress and passed the final test, receive brown, silver or gold badges confirming their skills.

The badge programme serves as an additional motivator for camp participants to actively and enthusiastically develop the scope of their knowledge and skills.

The use of mobile phones by kids on the area of Camp Osada is limited. The kids will be allowed to use the mobile phones each Wednesday and Saturday during the dinner break. The phones will be deposited in the Camp’s safe.

The limited phone access was tested during Summer 2014 and was considered a great success, both by parents and kids - similarly to tutors living together with the youngest camp participants.

The price of each camp within Camp Osada is comprehensive and includes:
• Full programme including all thematic, supplementary and badge-awarding activities as well as general camp events
• Gear and equipment necessary for activities
•  Accommodation in a holiday and training centre in rooms in a building or cabins with full sanitary facilities (depending on a camp)
• Coach transport from Piaseczno to Kobyłocha and from Kobyłocha to Piaseczno
• Full board (three buffet meals per day, afternoon snack, “open snack cabinet”, unlimited tea or water available in several spots all day long and packed lunch for the return trip)
• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors
• Medical care,
• Accident insurance

ATTENTION, term 5:
The programme of the eight-day term 5 assumes intense pursuit of thematic activities subject to the participants’ selection already from the first day of the term. On the day of arrival to the Cam the kids will learn particular activities and make their selection for the next day. The scheme will be repeated every day. This will enable all camp participants - with the aid of an instructor - to develop an individual training programme for the entire term.

Badge-awarding activities: Due to the shorter duration of term 5 and the incapacity to thoroughly prepare campers for the final exam the badge-awarding activities programme will not be performed during this term.

General camp activities: are usually organised in the evenings for the participants, depending on their age. In term 5 these include field, role-playing and traditional games, all-night forest camping and one-day canoeing trip (for volunteers), as well as team games, bonfires and discos.

Check our photo diaries from the Camp published on our website on a current basis!

Meetings for parents will be held in Warsaw approximately one month before the start of holiday. The date of the meeting will be announced at in May.

Due to rapidly falling dusk we change the time from term 4 - the watches will be set one hour ahead.

NOTE: We recommend concluding resignation insurance with any carrier.