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For Who?

Boys and girls who have completed the 6th grade of primary school and older. The camp is particularly recommended for young people who are physically active and like fast pace of activities, because if guarantees a good deal of sport competition, games and fun.


A broad range of diverse team games, water activities, field games and a lot of fun make this camp a great recipe for unforgettable summer. This year are proud to offer yet another edition of this project. The basic camp programme includes sailing and windsurfing activities, accompanied by traditional team games. The division into groups on the basis of sailing and windsurfing skills allows us to carry out basic and advanced training. Our approach to team games is also ambitious – instructors, equipment and pitches with professional artificial surface, ensure that the level of activities will satisfy even the most demanding participants. The programme is completed with a thought-through and professional training programme adjusted to age and fitness of participants.


Thematic activities:
• Sailing: 1.5 h 2x/week – activities in Topaz Taz boats (operated by pairs).
• Windsurfing: 3 h 2x/week.
• Team games: 1 x 1.5 h/day – the plan includes the most popular disciplines (football, volleyball and basketball).
• Recreational games 1.5 h 2x/week – games such as floorball, ringo, frisbee, baseball, boccia.

Supplementary activities – sit-on-top and tourist canoes, rowing, canoe, bike trips, a climbing wall, a rope park, an archery course, recreational games.

Badge-awarding activities - organised for interested participants, who have proven their persistence, have made progress and passed the final test, receive brown, silver or gold badges confirming their skills in a selected discipline: sailing or windsurfing.

The badge programme serves as an additional motivator for camp participants to actively and enthusiastically develop the scope of their knowledge and skills.

General camp activities – it’s a common play and meeting time for kids from all camps in a specific age group. These include: team games tournaments (Summer Serwy Games), bonfires, disco, all-day-long adventure trekking trip, a canoe trip at night, all-day-long bike trip, a field game at night, activities of choice and competitions in the following disciplines: triathlon, canoeing, archery, swimming.

We decided to limit mobile phone use by kids and youths on the area of Camp Serwy. The participants will be allowed to use the mobile phones each Wednesday and Saturday during the dinner break. Outside that period the phones will be deposited in the Camp’s safe.


The price includes:

Accommodation: Cabins for 5-9 persons with bathrooms, equipped with single and bunk beds.

Board: 3 meals per day in the form of a buffet, afternoon snack, “open snack cabinet”, unlimited water or tea.

The price of each camp within Camp Serwy is comprehensive and includes:
• Full programme including all thematic, supplementary and badge-awarding activities as well as general camp events
• Gear and equipment necessary for activities (except for tennis racquets)
• Accommodation in a holiday and training centre in rooms with bathrooms or basins or cabins with full sanitary facilities (depending on a camp)
• Coach transport from Piaseczno to Serwy and from Serwy to Piaseczno
• Full board (three buffet meals per day, afternoon snack, “open snack cabinet”, unlimited tea or water available in several spots all day long and packed lunch for the return trip)
• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors
• Medical care
• Accident insurance