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Artur Lechman Director: Europe Bikes

Bike Tours are tours where participants learn the history, topography, culture and nature of Central European countries while cycling, usually through specially prepared routes. Our main purpose of these unique trips is to promote cycling tourism.

Cycling tourism is one of the most interesting ways to discover the world. Through direct contact with the nature, culture and inhabitants one can thoroughly learn a particular country and its climate. This is what we will experience during bike tours, where you will visit Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria and the Czech Republic. We will mostly travel on special bike roads. The main assumption underlying these unique trips is to promote cycling tourism. The abovementioned countries were selected due to their cultural richness, ease of communication and numerous attraction along the route.  All tours were already organised by CHRIS in the previous years. We perfectly know the routes, camping sites and places of interest.

General principles of bike tours:
• Every day we will travel 50 to 70 km without additional load and backpacks. Equipment and all required gear travels separately, by coach. For advanced participants certain stages may reach 100 km per day
• We ride in groups of approximately 10. Often there are two variants of a route: long - for the more ambitious cyclists, as well as short and easy - for the ones preferring to rest
• Participants will be trained in bike servicing, cycling techniques, traffic regulations and road safety principles
• We live in tents for 2/3/4-persons on camping sites with full facilities. Each participant must have his/her own sleeping bag and foam mattress as well as helmet (bikes are provided and maintained on a current basis by CHRIS)
• We prepare our meals together using camping equipment. Some products will be purchased in Poland, while the rest in a particular country
• Evening activities, designed to ensure fun and integration of all participants, include outdoor and recreational games depending on the camping site infrastructure – football, volleyball, swimming, board games, etc.

The price of bike tours is comprehensive and includes:

• Full programme combining bike tours, supplementary and evening activities
• Entrance to visited museums, theme park and other tourist attractions included in the tour agenda (during the visit to the PRATER amusement park fees for particular attractions shall be paid by participants)
• Gear and equipment necessary for programme activities (including bikes and maintenance thereof)
• Accommodation in 2/3-person tents and camping fees
• Coach transport from Piaseczno to destination country and from destination country to Piaseczno
• Full board (two meals a day - breakfast and dinner+provisions for the trip, potable water and packed lunch for the return trip)
• 24-hour care of instructors and tutors
• Medical care (in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance)
• Medical expenses, accident and civil liability insurance

Check our photo diaries from the Base published on our website:! Due to the nature of the trip, photo galleries will be published at the website immediately after a group returns to Poland.

Meetings for parents will be held in Warsaw approximately one month before the start of holiday. The date of the meeting will be announced at in May.

NOTE: We recommend concluding resignation insurance with any carrier.

NOTE: During the tours participants must hold a personal ID card valid for at least 6 months or a passport valid for at least 3 months.

Persons insured in the National Health Fund are requested to take the European Health Insurance Card. The document will substantially streamline all issues related to medical aid abroad.