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Residential School Trips:


We focus all our involvement and enthusiasm on developing interesting and safe training programmes for children and young people. We believe that satisfaction and enjoyment may be derived only from things achieved thanks to our own effort and this is why CHRIS Residential School Trips and integration trips curricula abound in tasks which are ambitious, yet adjusted to participants' age and skills. Our aim is to provide children will skills they will enjoy all life long, making it richer and more interesting. We believe that contrary to material items the knowledge acquired owing to one’s own efforts as well as new friends are the values that cannot be taken away by any fortune.

We organise Residential School Trips for more than 15 years, both for entire schools and individual grades. Children and young people participating in CHRIS Residential School Trips are of different age, from different regions of Poland, or even Europe. Over the years our Residential School Trips hosted pupils from several hundred schools from the entire country; our programmes are selected by more than 100 schools per year.

The Residential School Trips organised by CHRIS include a series of interconnected elements, whose fulfilment guarantees the satisfaction of both teachers and pupils participating in the spring and autumn trips.

The core of each CHRIS Residential School Trip includes a carefully developed curriculum, whose subject and type of activities is strictly related to the location, where the activities are held. All activities included in the programme are held by our instructors and teachers. These include sports and scientific activities (geology, nature, history, ecology, arts, photography, physics, chemistry). Participants of CHRIS Residential School Trips have an opportunity to learn disciplines that cannot be found during PE classes, such as canoeing, archery or climbing. Scientific activities are usually held in the field or in our laboratories. It is you who specify the curriculum and number of particular activities during the trip planning phase. At your request we will develop and implement an educational programme tailored for a specific group and school profile.


The key to work with children and young people is staff and safety. Our experience and idea of work with the youngest have taught us to care for this element of education first and at every turn. There is no education and fun on a Residential School Trip without ensuring maximum safety, which is guaranteed by teachers and our instructors alike. Proven instructors and managers holding relevant qualifications ensure high level of activities, resulting in satisfaction of participants and teachers. Large and fenced premises of each of our centres coupled with 24/7 supervision enables our small guests and teachers to feel free and safe. Small groups and tailored activities complement our efforts to safely and attractively conduct our programme, being the core of a Residential School Trip. We train kids and young people in safety principles applicable to water sports and mountain activities. Should they want to perfect their abilities in the future, they better be trained in applicable rules by professionals from the very beginning.

CHRIS is one of the few companies having its own centres; the ones which are not our property are subject to long-term lease. This enables precise yet very flexible management of the centres, whose key advantage is that all elements comprising a Residential School Trip (accommodation, canteen, equipment) are our property and “play together with us” on equal terms with our staff. By having own facilities we may strongly affect what happens there.

In each centre where CHRIS Residential School Trips are held the infrastructure is formed by our own educational and sports equipment. For the purposes of our educational programmes we developed laboratories (equipped with stereoscopes, natural atlases and specimens), arts&crafts studios and common rooms. The centres are equipped with diverse sports equipment with all relevant certificates and approvals.

Photo diaries from activities held during the participants’ stay at Residential School Trips are published on our website at least once per week. This enables the Parents, pupils from other grades as well as everyone interested in the “fate” of the Residential School Trip participants to indirectly participate in their achievements. By watching the pictures they will learn the “trade” of our activities, check current weather or observe the atmosphere among the pupils. At your request we may disclose the photographs in a digital format. Certainly they will come in handy for the school’s chronicle.