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Gold Fish


The GOLD FISH Programme has been developed specially for our Clients and launched in 2012.

This is our way to say thank you to our regular Clients who have trusted us and have been sending their children to our Camps year after year!!!  

The Programme sums up all the stays of your child or children with Chris and awards a relevant status.  The status enables to enrol your children to CHRIS camps before general public.

DIAMOND FISH STATUS – if the sum of childrens’ stays is higher than 11, of which at least one child stayed with us within the last 2 years.
The status enables priority enrolment.

GOLD FISH STATUS - if the children jointly have been to our camps from 6 to 10 times, of which at least one child stayed with us within the last 2 years.
The status enables second priority enrolment, before general public.

FISHERMAN STATUS – a status awarded to all Clients registered in the Programme, whose sum of childrens’ stays did not exceed 6.


A child has participated 6 times in holidays organised by Chris, of which the last stay took place in the last two years, while its younger brother or sister has never been to a camp, but wishes to go next summer. Both of them have six stays in total, so both of them qualify to the GOLD FISH status. The status is awarded to each child from a family after joining the Programme. The number of all stays of all children from a family sums up.


How to join Gold Fish Programme?

Participation in the Gold Fish Programme is voluntary. To enrol, you have to assign the child/children on your own using the On-line Booking Panel.  The system does not award the status automatically – it requires your consent and acceptance of the rules.

To enrol your children to the Gold Fish Programme you need to take the following steps: 

  1. Enter the On-line Booking Panel and log in (if you do not have an account, please create one by following the on-line booking instructions)
  2. In the PARTICIPANTS tab create an account for the child/children that is to be enrolled to the Programme (creation of the account requires filling-in the child’s particulars)
  3. Click the ASSIGN TO THE PROGRAMME window to be found on the participants list, next to the name of a child not assigned to the Programme.
  4. Accept the rules and the statement confirming you are the parent of the child being enrolled in the Programme.
  5. Complete the registration by clicking the “LOGOUT” button.

After 24 hours from the registration in the programme you may verify your status on the PARTICIPANTS tab of your account.

If your child/children qualify to the Golden or Diamond Fish status, the system will send you an automatic e-mail with information on the status assignment.

Should you have any problems with enrolling for the Programme, you need to edit your registration or you think that your status does not comply with the actual situation – contact our consultants at the Chris Customer Service Centre.

Detailed Rules of the GOLD FISH Programme

Attention! Please do not try to assign a child that is not yours to the programme. An attempt to assign somebody else’s child will result in irreversible loss of the possibility to participate in the programme for the entire family.