The winner of the contest Certificates
Unia Europejska
Active, ambitious, creative, forever.

What does a CAMP teach?

Creating a community

As soon as we get on board a coach we are together – we are one team that will spend the next two weeks together playing, learning new things, solving common problems and facing new challenges.


As from today I will decide what to it, what to wear, how to get by without my parents, whether I’ll meet a friend for good and for worse, if I’ll open to the group and what my contribution to it will be. I know I can always ask the tutor for assistance. Or I can ask a lady working at the kitchen. And the Director, and every other person at the Camp.

New skills

I can do what I like the most – I can play football, paint, dance, swim, take photos – I feel this time is exactly for me. And if I want to do something else next year, I’ll be able to pick activities depending on my interests.

How to make friends

I spend time surrounded by people who like playing, just like me. And when we take part in a race, tournament or a competition together, regardless of the results they’ll be happy we could spend time in each others’ company. At the beginning I was anxious a little, but already after the first activity I knew we would become friends.

Respect for the nature

I feel the wind, I immerse myself in the water, I touch the earth, I observe the birds and animals, I sit on the grass, I’m walking through a forest – I know all these things but here everything seems to be new, closer. I know that my behaviour towards nature shows what kind of person I am now and will be in a few years.

Responsibility for oneself and one’s team

Without me the thing may not work out – it does not matter that I do not run as fast as my friends – they need me to count the lapses. Oh, Ania fell down, I’m running to help her! We have won!!!

Respect for oneself and for the others

Good Morning, Miss Kowalska – Miss Kowalska is cleaning on our Camp. Yesterday she had a lot of work because it was raining. We tried to clean our shoes while entering the canteen, but there was a lot of work anyway. I like it when our tutor listens to what we are saying – then we feel he cares about us and we are important to him.

How to attain the goals and improve oneself

I received a brown rowing badge. I had to take part in a canoeing trip and get up early for the activity – it was difficult, I was afraid of the trip a bit, but I made it!