The winner of the contest Certificates
Unia Europejska
Active, ambitious, creative, forever.


Every year we employ many young people for whom the work with children and young people is a source of joy and satisfaction. Only the last year summer and Winter CHRIS camps and residential school trips provided work to more than 700 people.
We believe that the STAFF is not only a group of students, teachers, educators, artists, sportsmen – but also a community of involved people who:

  • is always a paragon and model of good behaviour
  • acts in the right way as from the departure meeting, during the camp and until the arrival meeting
  • keeps one's own things in order and takes care of personal hygiene
  • educates children and young people by setting a good model of conduct, but also by supervising and enforcing adequate behaviour from participants
  • maintains good, friendly relations with children, young people and co-workers, keeping in mind that every instructor and group leader is responsible for the satisfaction and good memories of children entrusted to them
  • assists the participants and other instructors
  • treats everyone in a friendly and respectful manner.