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„Szkolenie CHRIS to najlepsze miejsce do wymienienia doświadczeń z innymi instruktorami, co daje milion razy więcej korzyści niż przebycie rożnych kursów.”
- Magda, Camp Serwy


Staff training is organised in the spring and in summer for all persons starting collaboration with CHRIS. All people employed for the first time by CHRIS must participate in the training, which is a condition for employment.

CHRIS training comprises the following areas: 

- CHRISO and ISO 9001:2008, i.e. improvement of the staff’s skills concerning Camp, Facility, Walking Camp, Residential School Trip handling and organization. Detailed topics include:

  • Presentation of the CHRIS mission and the idea of CHRIS facilities, camps and hiking camps
  • Familiarisation with the Camp area and infrastructure
  • Presentation of the manager and the remaining staff
  • Detailed presentation of staff’s obligations
  • Presentation of CHRIS Camps, camp and hiking camp organisational structure, as well as procedures in place at a specific venue

- in the area of soft competences, i.e. team management, employee motivation, communication, employee assessment, self-presentation, public speaking

CHRIS training schedule:

  1. For CHRIS Residential School Trips Instructors: Before the RST commencement, at the facility where the instructor is employed.
  2. For CHRIS Camp and facility Directors: 09-12.04.2015 – Camp Tarda
  3. For camp and age group managers: venue and time to be agreed upon later
  4. For staff working on CHRIS facilities, during camps and hiking summer camps: 04-07.06.2015 - please contact your Camp director

Secondary school students (after completing the 3rd form of junior high school) who wish to work with children and young people but to not have necessary qualifications which may be obtained only once 18 may participate in our Young Staff Project.